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About the show

More than 100 episodes in, Back2Reality is in its FIFTH SEASON!

Back2Reality with Jarrett Hill is the show planted right at the heart of politics and pop culture, focused on discussions. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it heavy, and we've even had a tear or three. And that can all in the same episode. And it's live, so, basically anything can happen - and it often does. 

No matter the topics, it's always worthwhile. This season we're turning our focus to more politics, still with great entertainment stories, and hearing from our listeners! 

Starting in the production offices of America's Next Top Model in 2011, Back2Reality was then "The Not-So Morning Show." Jarrett was joined by his co-workers Lauren, Jackie and Tatiana. After a short sting of shows, Tatiana joined Jarrett for a run of 100 episodes, talking about the stories making entertainment headlines in Hot Topics, answering relationship questions in "The Situationship," and finally the weekly rant that never got a real name in "Get It Together/I Don't Get it."